Does your fleet have any 3G telematics? 3G ceasing in June 2024. Click here to find out more information.

Does your fleet have any 3G Telematics connections?
The 3G network sunsets in June 2024.

Don’t be left in the dark.

The Risks of not migrating to 4G

Without switching 3G Telematics to the 4G network, the connection to your fleet will be lost.

Here are some of the key risks associated with continuing to run your fleet Telematics on the 3G network:

Data loss.

Security vulnerability.

Limited support and maintenance.

Fleet blackout.

Chain of compliance risk.

No visibility of violations or tracking stolen assets.

The benefits of choosing Directed Telematics 4G

If your fleet uses any 3G devices, Directed Technologies can assist in removing legacy devices and replacing them the latest generation technology to ensure your fleet doesn’t go offline. Our seamless support enables fleet operators to smoothly transition to the 4G network, minimising disruptions to their daily operations ahead of the 3G network shutdown. Additionally, upgrading your telematics with Directed Technologies provides access to the benefits of our advanced next-generation technology including:

Locally designed, developed, and hosted video telemetry vehicle maintenance solution

Bespoke, compliant, plug and play installation kits for different vehicle models

Australian secure hosting and Operations Centre

OEM-approved data-encrypted telematics devices

Over 75,000 telematics modules manufactured and shipped

IOT ready for BT3.0 · ISO approved · Platform security · SOC2 certified

Why choose local?

Truck Manufacturer Approved

Pur plug-and-play solutions are used by leading vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes Benz, HINO, Paccar, DAF & Iveco


Competitive hardware and software pricing with no hidden costs to worry about

Local Support

Easy access to Australian technical assistance with faster response times

Compliance with Local Regulations
We follow the responsible use of telematics data that is compliant with local laws and requirements

Since implementing the Directed Technologies Telematics solution into our fleet, PFD has been able to track our trucks in real time, improve route optimisation, minimise downtime, address fleet maintenance needs and streamline our operations. Its data analysis also provides actionable insights into driver behaviour and enhance driver safety. Telematics has been a definite game changer for PFD.

Steve Wright
National Fleet Manager, PFD Foods

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